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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Grampa's Journals

Our Grandfather, Joy Sipple, kept a journal during the 1940s. I have several years of them and love reading them, although I wish he would have written more detailed accounts of his life. I love his handwriting.

Each day Grampa told what the weather was, who he wrote letters to or received letters from, listed groceries he bought and what he paid for them, entered the number of his engine, who he worked with and whether he walked to work or rode the bus. The journals are fascinating. One day he might "loan" Juleen or Rex 50 cents and then several days later he would note, "Juleen paid me back"...

I thought I would post a few pages off and on... just for fun...
Here are four pages from December 1942... Grampa lists the Christmas presents he received, his wages for the year, and where his children are living as the new year is about to start.

In 1942 Grampa worked all but 15 days. Even with 295 miles of overtime, his wages were only $3028.20 for the year and yet he bought $336 worth of savings bonds.

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